Our Company Profile

Austropharma is an Austrian company founded 2007 to export high-tech devices and equipment and with affiliated partners in the Middle East in various fields.
Since 2007, Austropharma has demonstrated to its employees a constant commitment to their performance with integrity. At the same time, we have expanded our businesses and built a great record of sustained growth and a reputation for enforcing ethical conduct.
Before taking action for selling and providing services, Austropharma Company has done studies and researches in the fields of their activities and it was the findings that induced the company’s founders to collect a set of facilities for changing and developing the industries in Middle East. On the basis of its professional personnel and their valuable experiences, the company is now selling equipment and providing services to various sectors including hospitals, therapeutic centers and welfare complexes, hotels, camps, prisons, and hygienic and foodstuffs factories.’

Taking advantages of its effective engineers, Austropharma has taken long and great steps in various areas of designing, exporting industrial machines, equipping, installing, and starting various centers. Regarding the importance of equipping the above mentioned centers, Austropharma has attempted to provide following valuable services as its priorities:
• Providing consultation for buying and equipping affiliated centers
• Providing the best consuming materials for completing selling chain
• Installing, starting and providing after-sales services
For each field we have a permanent business partner who provides us a reliable team for sales, follow-up and after sales services at site. Thanks to such collaboration we have been able to build up an excellent reputation among our customers.
Name: Austropharma Forte GmbH
Year of establishment: 2007
General Manager: Dr.Alexander Sattler
Email: sattler@austropharma.com
Address Interested Party:  
Street and number Bellariastrasse 4/16
Postal Code 1010
City Vienna
Country Austria
Telephone number +43 1 5227801
Fax Number +43 1 3289850
Website: www.austropharma.com
Company’s email: office@austropharma.com
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